the artist

Emily kalina

Growing up in a ski lodge in Killington Vermont, Emily lived observing scapes filled with snow and nature. The magical scenery inspired her to start creating visual interpretations. Inheriting the artistic gene, she continued her born-made path and attended the Rhode Island School of Design, (RISD) in 2003, where she earned a Bachelor in Fine Arts degree majoring in Illustration.


Being a teacher’s assistant at RISD, she fell in love with watercolors which led her to selling her unique pieces to private clients, while teaching at schools all over the nation. In 2008, she moved to Italy and decided to share her art with the rest of the world. Focused on convenience, she remodeled her business and transitioned from watercolor to digital paintings.

Utilizing her experience of drawing and painting with traditional media, to an ipad and stylus, led her to signing a licensing contract with the World Art Group, exposing her pieces to nationwide businesses.


From water to digital colors

Experimenting on a digital tablet has been useful when Emily began incorporating prints for product design. With a strong love for watercolors, Emily designed her own set of brushes on her ipad to mimic a cross between watercolor brushes and professional markers.

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