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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) What medium do you work in and how do you create?

A) My recent work is drawn on an iPad with an apple pencil.
All of the mark making you see is me drawing/painting with an apple pencil that responds to pressure much like a brush or pencil would. I use different apps but the one I use most is called ProCreate which allows me to design all of the brushes I use to the smallest specification. Because my first love is watercolor I have designed brushes to mimic a cross between them and Copic markers. Copic markers are professional markers that a lot of comic book artists use.

Q) How is it still painting if there's no wet media used?

A) The definition of painting is the practice of applying paint, pigment, color or other medium to a solid surface (support base). The medium is commonly applied to the base with a brush, but other implements such as knives, sponges, and airbrushes, can be used.
Painting is a mode of creative expression, and can be done in numerous forms.

When people say "oh that's just a digital painting" that's not accurate. No filters (or any preset software features ie: options that can be found in photoshop) have been used to create my paintings. Everything you see has been drawn on a surface with a with a Apple Pencil (the best version of a stylus.)

Any tool, digital or otherwise is just a means to an end. If a painting has to use wet media to fit the definition of a painting, then by that token wouldn't "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac not be a piece of writing because it was typed on a manuscript that can be viewed in San Fransisco? Similarly is a photograph still a photograph if it's taken on a digital camera? Is a movie in a film Festival still a movie if it's shot digitally?

The programs I draw in enable me to work in a more eco friendly fashion as well as (and most importantly for me) allow me my own portable studio.